How To Order

Welcome to our store!

We have recently expanded and there are now a few changes on how to order. We have two pathways for ordering, "I Need It Urgently!" and the animal specific drop down menus.

The I Need It Urgently! menu displays items regularly stocked in Port Hedland. These items can be ordered at any time, irrespective of our delivery schedule. Orders placed before midday will be processed within the next 2 business days.

The animal specific drop down menu's display items that we can source for you each month with maximum freshness. These lists are not exhaustive of the products we have access to so if you don't see what you need, send us an email. The ordering of these items will be subject to our shipping schedule and any additional supply runs we may offer. As a Pilbara local we understand that fresh food, especially over summer, is critically important. 

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.