T & R Duck & Turkey Starter Crumbles 25kg

T & R Duck & Turkey Starter Crumbles 25kg

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A complete ration designed for juvenile ducks and turkeys from day 1 to 6 weeks of age. This formulated feed will meet the nutritional requirements of fast growing ducklings and poults to ensure optimum growth and development.


  • A minimum of 19% protein and high levels of premixed vitamins & minerals to promote sound growth and development in early stages of life

  • Our crumbles keep their natural flavours, with reduced waste and dust

  • High calcium and balanced phosphorous ensure optimum bone growth and lay the foundation for long-term structural strength

  • Fortified with Advanced Feeds vitamins and minerals premix

  • Each bag displays an Expiry Date, so you know its fresh.

  • We source the best natural ingredients from farmers in Western Australia

  • We believe the best way for your duck to receive the vital nutrients and energy it needs is through a natural product. Minimal processing ensures our ingredients keep their natural goodness