T & R Goat Pellets 30kg
T & R Goat Pellets 30kg

T & R Goat Pellets 30kg

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T&R Goat Pellets are a complete and balanced feed formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of all growing, breeding and dairy goats. These highly palatable pellets include a premium vitamin and mineral premix to ensure peak animal health.


  • Pelleted Form - ensures your goats get their full nutritional requirements in a palatable, digestible form while minimising wastage.

  • Fortified with our premium vitamin and mineral premix to support peak health and function in your goat.

  • All natural ingredients - Antibiotic and GMO free. Made using fresh, natural ingredients sourced from Western Australian Farmers.

  • We source the best natural ingredients from farmers in Western Australia.

  • We believe the best way for your goat to receive the vital nutrients and energy it needs is through a natural product. Minimal processing ensures our ingredients keep their natural goodness.